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Why this Seminar?

  • DWG International is collaborating with City Crest Realtors to host a talk on the new project -  The Origin, Ratchada.

  • To create an excitement as currently not many of opportunity for investment in Bangkok Thailand.

  • To help you to reconnect with your leads / customers / buyers / investors

Who Should You Invite?

  • Your existing owners

  • Your investors

  • Your tenants

  • Your family and friends

Where and When is the Seminar?

  • Saturday 9th November 

    • 14.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs


  • To be confirmed based on the number of forecasted participants.

  • It will be in Kuala Lumpur

What Should You Do?

  • Sound out to your clients / prospects / owners about this good investment opportunity in Bangkok.

  • Tabulate the number of interested participant who would be free on 9th or 10th November.

  • Once we booked a slots, a invitation will be provided for you to officially send to your clients. 

  • Please WhatsApp to Ernest to inform number of your guest participating.

You bring your client there, DWG will help to sell.

All Great Success Start With You Sharing to Your Customers. Everything Else Will Fall In Place.



Other Resources:

  • e-Invite

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