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WHY Project in Bangkok?

  • Malaysia market is saturated for local investors: -

    • Are your local investors still buy local property from you?

    • Are all your owners whom you help to rent their properties, buying any new project from you? 


If The above are ‘NO’, this may be a good starting point to reconnect with them!

  • Diversification: -

    • Don’t put all eggs into one basket.

    • Most of your owners, investors  might have alot of properties in Malaysia already. Time to spread out.


  • Increase your revenue and to earn MORE COMMISSION

    • We are working with DWG, a very well established international agency for projects in Bangkok.

    • Even under cobroke arrangement, you will earn 5% gross commission income for every successful case yet getting great support from CC and DWG.


WHY Bangkok?

  • Part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

  • World class infrastructure

  • Potential Thai Baht Appreciation

  • Highest number of tourists entry in the world

  • Tourists and investment friendly

  • South East Asia largest transport hub to be ready in 2020 in Bang Sue

  • Additional rail lines


Available Project:-

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